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A supplement for Pathfinder 1st edition, offering an assortment of bloodlines that are not as grand or legendary as those in the core rules. 4 new bloodrager bloodlines and 10 for sorcerers, plus three wildblooded options. In addition, 11 new spells dealing specifically with bloodlines, ranging from detecting bloodline-empowered creatures to concealing your own, denying a creature its ancestral gifts, or stealing a creature's bloodline for yourself! The book finishes off with 14 new feats and 6 traits that relate specifically to bloodlines. 

Can't find any kings in your lineage? Devoid of draconic descent? Absent abyssal or aberrant affliction? Don't worry! One ancestor is as good as another, and your humble background may still have granted you sorcerous power, though perhaps nothing quite so impressive at parties. Discover the secrets of little-known lineages like the anonymous, carceral, furtive, ocular and torpid bloodlines. Obliterate adversaries with gelatinous might, or reveal to them the true power of having ancestors who were defeated so comprehensively that it passed down through generations.

This is not a joke product, and the bloodlines and other content presented here should be balanced and suitable for play in a standard Pathfinder campaign.

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AuthorLibrarians and Leviathans


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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