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A Bronze Age Britain scenario for investigative weird, occult and horror roleplaying. Compatible with percentile-based Lovecraftian roleplaying games, easily converted to other systems and settings.

The arrival of spring has brought warmth and optimism to Woikós Helémesi, a small community near the great Sehimréys river. The mood is shattered at full moon, when a villager succumbs to a mysterious sickness. Foreboding spirits haunt the land, and those who have learned the hidden tales of old must seek out the truth, in the tangled wilderness where the People do not willingly tread. Something terrible is on the verge of breaking free, and their fragile community faces annihilation. The waning moon shines thinly now, but there is little time before it waxes once more and draws doom upon them.

Content warnings: disease, body horror, infestation


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Hello!  Interested in the simple rule system that comes with this scenario (not necessarily interested in the bronze age).  Is there anyplace where one can see/purchase/download your system?  Is it suitable for 1920s era play?  Or tied specifically to bronze-age stuff?  Thanks!

Sorry Mograg, I only just saw this! There wasn't... but there is now! You can grab a copy here: 


I'd like to know what you think :) It's pretty generic; the version in MMM is tailored to a Bronze Age setting, but you can just switch skills around to whatever setting you want.